A leading exhibition and conference organizer in India wanted to develop a report showcasing the top B2B players in the industry – to be identified as ‘IMP Smart City Brands’ – for certain pre-decided categories in five cities in India (Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore).


We started by collating a list of 150 B2B brands in each category through secondary sources. Next, we used the Balanced Incomplete Block Design (BIBD) method to arrive at the sample for each city and brand. We managed to recruit 129 respondents – developers, service providers, government officials, policy makers, research institutes and industry associations – who were well aware about various segments that cater to smart city.

Each respondent was interviewed face to face and evaluated 25 brands. The questions revolved around awareness of the brand, extent of familiarity, consideration and usage, repurchase and likeliness of recommending the brand to others. The score for different parameters was summed up to arrive at the ranking. Further, basis the score for each parameter, brands were classified into A++, A+ and A categories.


This study helped indicate which companies are outperforming their competitors in the respective categories and also the parameters on which they are performing poorly.  Moreover, the expectations of various stakeholders from smart cities were also identified. The client shared this report with 100 companies across sectors like infrastructure, real estate, power & lighting, safety & security, renewable energy, healthcare & wellness.