Our client is a market leader in animal feed, poultry processing and agri inputs. Compared to the rest of India, the sale of pig feed was poor in the North East region- Assam, Mizoram and Nagaland. The client wanted to understand various stakeholder’s perception of pig feed in this region to identify the reasons behind poor sale.


We did a comprehensive study using secondary, qualitative and quantitative research. Using secondary sources, we found out the population demography of pigs in this region. We conducted both qualitative and quantitative interviews (face to face) with 150 stakeholders including farmers, retailers and pig vets. The objective of our research was to find out the usage of raw materials, kitchen waste and compound feed along with the most important attributes that motivate retailers and farmers to purchase and use these.


We found that the majority of pig farmers in this region are small or medium farmers (< 30 pigs) who prefer to use raw material or kitchen waste much cheaper than compound feed. Within the compound feed segment, there were three other popular competitor brands being used. This study helped our client to identify the need for creating awareness amongst small and medium farmers to use compound feed.