A leading exhibition and conference organizer in India wanted to identify and rank the top B2B players in the field of solar energy for certain pre-decided categories in eight metros and four-tier I cities in India.


Using secondary sources, we shortlisted 600 brands in different categories. We recruited 725 respondents coming from various professions – developers, infrastructure, service providers, government departments, policymakers, research institutes and associations. Each respondent was interviewed face to face and evaluated at random 45 brands from the list of 600 brands using BIBD (Balanced Incomplete Block Design) methodology. The questions revolved around awareness of the brand, extent of familiarity, consideration and usage, repurchase and likeliness of recommending the brand to others. The score for different parameters was summed up to arrive at the ranking.


This study helped indicate which companies are outperforming their competitors in their respective categories. The client shared this report with multiple companies such as photovoltaic manufacturers/solar panel manufacturers, EPC contractors, solar inverters and companies producing solar water pumps, charge controllers, racking and mounting systems, solar batteries, monitoring systems and accessories.