What’s Consumer Research?

Consumer research is a form of applied sociology that concentrates on understanding the preferences, attitudes and behaviors of consumer in a market based economy. Consumer research is about people. What they see, what they do, what they buy. What they eat, what they drink. What they think, what they choose, what they aspire to. How they act, how they react, how they spend. And behind the whats and the hows, it’s always about the why’s.

Who Is It For?

You need insights to inform your business decision; marketing, brand, communications, product development, innovation and research.
Knowing the consumer and the choices they make is critical for you and your business.
Understanding the implications of behavioural change can be the difference between success and failure in your market.
Our insights can inspire your ideas and our data can support them.

What’s In It For You?




We’re as focused as you are on the bottom line. We know the theory but we’re committed to the practice. Our insights come action-ready – what we tell you today, you can start selling on tomorrow.


  • Consumer trends

  • Global behavioural studies

  • Consumer spend data

  • Consumer market research

  • Consumer lifestyles

  • Demographics

  • Consumer profiles

  • Regional comparisons

  • Market futures

  • Market forecasts

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